I am a creative director & designer.

I am experimenting with generating images with AI. All these images are free for anyone to use. 

For commercial use, there are similarities between a specific brand and a specific artist, as well as significant copyright issues, so please refer to it and judge well.


Amazing noir street photography

amazing noir street photography, in the heart of a bustling metropolis, A young woman of captivating beauty stands in stark contrast to the truly masculine figure beside her by Stanley Kubrick, the young woman is looking away from the camera, with perfectly round detailed iris and pupil of the eyes, perspective side view below eyeline, show facial wrinkles large pores and characteristic expression, Long shot perspective of the cinematic scene, hyperreality, background characters with expression and perfect proportions, award winning photography, hyperreality, dramatic scene, Rolleiflex 2.8C, silky smooth bokeh, sharp lens, 3x3 composition, perspective below eye level, cinematic, micro-contrast grades tones in order to improve depth perception, black and white filmstock fuji neopan acros 100 II, analog photo print, 8k

Creative: Bandy Garnet
Imaginary Work: Midjourney

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